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Top 3 Skin Care Rules For Girls

Girls are much conscious about their appearance and they have to be as they are the sign of purity and beauty of this world.So for this special beauty we bring some thing very special that is their skin care rules by which you never lode the charm of your beauty and always praise by people for your glowing beauty.

 Top 3 Skin Care Rules For Girls

Inner and outer environment directly impact on our skin.owing to this reason each of us has to carry some problems with it .every women want to look bright and shiny and want to keep her skin in best condition.However Skin can be quite delicate and suffer from many problems like dry and oily textures skin diseases or acne breakouts.Medical treatment of acne is most common skin diseases. A chronic condition that effect 85% Of adolescent and adults is the case. They are not so different types of acne treatment and different type of reaction.

Rule No 1.Cleansing is the most important thing to keep your skin alive and shinny.So keep clean your skin twice a day just after waking up and before go to bed.Use the cleanser according to your skin type, that is specially made for your skin type.

Tip:The best natural cleanser for all skin type is rose water and milk(with out fat for oily skin).

Rule No 2: Drink Lot of water to keep your body hydrate as this will let your skin breath.By regular skin breathing your skin never die you think it little bit confusing but this is true when we drink lot of water then it clean our blood, regulate excretory system and make our skin more fresh than ever.You just do this only for a month just as an experiment then you will see the remarkable result.

Tip:Every day just after getting up early in the morning to must take at least two glasses of Luke Warm water this will help your digestive, excretory and respiratory system at perfection.This will make your skin more fresh and glowing.

Rule No 3:If you have acne problem then you need to take special care of your skin cinnamon powder grinned and add in honey apply this on your face regularly at least for 2 to 3 weeks this will remove acne with no mark.

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