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Best Tips to Brush and Comb Hair

During a very headache routine of our daily life, we usually overlook some very important and attention seeking aspects. One of them is brushing hair in most easy and right way. Majority of us dream about healthy, shiny and strong hair. For getting the desired ones we have to change our brushing habits instead of spending much money on changing hair products.

How many times should you brush your hair?
Give you hair some very useful time to brush them. Stroking for hundred times before going to bed is no longer acceptable as it is defined by number of researches that the more you brush your hair the more you lost them.
This number of brushing hair actually related to the length of the hair. If you have long hair, you will brush them when they get messy and tangled but if short hair is concerned they will need brushing so often as they get knotty too fast.
Brushing hair thoroughly two times per day is more than enough. Lots of strokes cause friction which weaken the hair.

Tools for brushing hair

Getting dramatic hair need care and protection. Brushing hair with right tools work good following things you will need:

A wide tooth comb
It is recommended not to brush hair while they are moist. Let it dry in normal air and then use this comb to detangle the hair.

Synthetic ball tipped hair brush
This brush will used to go through detangled hair in normal routine use and also to distribute natural oil from scalp till dry hair edges.

Steps to brush the hair

Follow few steps to brush your hair in most adoptable way:

  1. Start detangling your hair with a wide toothed, soft tipped comb.
  2. Start from the edges and gradually move up word as you make up the tips.
  3. Once you manage to detangle them all, section your hair in two equal parts.
  4. Now grab a balled tipped plastic bristle hair brush and pick some of hair from one section and brush them in their whole length.
  5. Repeat the above step till you done with both sections.
  6. Give 20 strokes at each side.
  7. Now patch up sections and brush your all hair from scalp to tips.

Brushing your hair in right way will give you a smooth a glowing effect.

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