hand bags and clutch bags for women by kapra by fawad beyg for 2013

Kapra by Fawad Beyg started in 2012 but for his work the brand has good reputation now. Here we are presenting clutch bags and hand bags for girls recently designed by Fawad Beyg. Fawad Beyg has named the bags collection ad Dhaaga. Bags are embroidered and printed as well.

The bags are really creative and trendy. There is a clutch bag with dice printed in it, haven’t seen this concept before. The tanga (ghora gari) clutch is another design that catches the attention easily. The small clutch with old bicycle is amazing. The pouch with the train engine and the clutch with foxy car are worth buying. Every design is unique and has its own value.

See the clutches and hand bags by Kapra By Fawad Beyg for yourself.

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