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Eid collection for women 2013 by Rizwan Beyg

Rizwan beyg is a talented, well-liked and famous designer who has launched many outstanding collections. The best thing about his designs is the uniqueness of prints, novelty of style and scheming of colors. His designed clothes are always classy, attractive and of superb quality.

Newly Eid collection for women 2013 by Rizwan Beyg is introduced. The collection is designed for the festive season. This collection consists of brightly printed dress. All the dress are embroidered and comprise four piece suit for girls and women.

The dresses in this Eid collection for women 2013 by Rizwan Beyg have designs that are really alluring. Also the dresses have a brilliantly classy and marvelous work of embroidery that has given these dresses a marvelous look.
In this Eid collection for women 2013 by Rizwan Beyg the work of embroidery is done in contrast in bright shades. It is more prominently done on necklines, border etc.

 Eid collection for women 2013 by Rizwan Beyg3

Eid collection for women 2013 by Rizwan BeygEid collection for women 2013 by Rizwan Beyg1

Eid collection for women 2013 by Rizwan Beyg2

All the dresses included in this Eid collection for women 2013 by Rizwan Beyg are really well designed. Each dress has been given a high class look. The colors used are all rich and lively.
They have used in this Eid collection for women 2013 by Rizwan Beyg shades like bright pink, , grey, yolk yellow, sea green, red, white, dark blue, orange etc. Most of the clothes are in two-three color contrasts.

Over all the dresses in this Eid collection for women 2013 by Rizwan Beyg is fashionable, refined and luxuriously styled using fabric of standard quality.
So have a look at this Eid collection for women 2013 by Rizwan Beyg.

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