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Fabrizio by Stylo Eid Collection 2013

Fabrizio Eid collection 2013 has been launched and you can get from their stores nationwide. Fabrizio is a clothing/fashion brand by Stylo shoes, a well know shoe brand in Pakistan. Stylo has now become a complete household name not only for footwear products but also ready to wear dresses such as Abayas, Casual wears, party wears along with it, they also offers fashionable bags and other fashion accessories under their label Fabrizio. That means they are a complete lifestyle for all of your needs and you can give yourself a beautiful look by wearing their products.

For the women of Pakistan, Fabrizio has launched very beautiful Eid collection which are having traditional cloths in pure fabric with very beautiful designs and attractive patterns. This collection they offered consisting on lots of vibrant colors that are looking very nice and awesome. All designs are fresh, and having different styles such as long shirts, short shirts with open pajamas, long shirts are mostly with tights which looks very nice as it is in the fashion these days. All dresses in the collection are trendy, comfortable and affordable which will give you a complete room to celebrate Eid event with the best you can.

So, Enjoy the beauty of the season and the pleasure of Eid with Fabrizio by wearing these stunning outfits. You will feel some fresh and different if you give a try to these outfits by Fabrizio. All dresses in the collection are ready to wear which is an additional point. You can wear your nearby outlet in order to buy these dresses. I am sharing some pictures from the collection for you, I am sure you will also love to wear such dresses as all dresses are modern, bold, stylish and according to the latest fashion trends. Have a look on the collection bellow:




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