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Hot Pink Eyeshdow Tutorial to Make your Eyes Pop

-Apply foundation over your eyelids and then with the help of a clean brush or even with your fingers, spread the foundation carefully such as indicated below.

-Get your matte pink eyeshadow and gently applying it over your eyelid. Just make sure not to go too close to the inner corner of your eyes because you will have to apply a small touch of white eyeshadow in the there. -After doing so, carefully blend the pink eyeshadow such as shown below.

-With a medium brown matte eyeshadow contour your eyeshadow by the end of your eyelid up to your eyebrows (not close though).

-Blend the colours well with each other and then apply a thin line of black liquid eyeliner.

-Black mascara and you are done! This is a lovely eyeshadow for all blue eyed girls but also for brown eyes. It can make wonders.



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