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How to Apply Red Lipstick Using Black Pencil

Red is a symbol of hotness, sexiness, passion and true love! A woman in red is always attractive; although you might have tried it before, I am sure you have never seen any red lipstick tutorial applied using a black pencil diabetes drugs. Why black pencil? because by using black to contour your lips, you give a strong and intense look to your lips but also make them look bigger because of the “fading impression”.

For making this beautiful red lipstick you will need a red lipstick and black pencil! Start by moisturizing your lips so they look smooth and soft. And then carefully lining your lips with black pencil such as shown in the second picture. Using a hot red lipstick, colour your lips carefully; on top of the black pencil as well. With a small brush, gently blend the lipstick and the black pencil together such as shown in the forth picture. There you have it! A gorgeous red lipstick that makes your lips look bigger and fuller at the same time.

This lipstick tutorial is perfect if your have small or thick lips as well as if you are looking for a way to make your makeup pop! Enjoy making it; only takes few minutes and looks absolutely gorgeous.

How to Apply Red Lipstick Using Black Pencil
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