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How to Decorate Salads- Carving Tutorials

Food presentation is the most important thing as a decently decorated platter not only looks beautiful to eyes but also enhances appetite. Well famous restaurants focus more on the decorating techniques as it gives a professional impression about their quality and standards.So if you have been trying to make as fascinating decorations as the restaurant cooks- give yourself a try. It’s simple and easy.  You can give a professional touch to your home cooking and develop your skills with the easy tutorials we have brought for you.

You can make awesome arrangements with tomatoes, radishes and carrots. The task requires practice in the beginning but once your get used to holding proper knife and carving techniques. Here are a few tutorials to help you out as a starter. Look at the tutorials given below and you are find them quite useful as a beginner.

Carving Techniques for Salad Decorations -No. 01

Cut the tomato horizontally with your knife tip  and keep on continuing as shown in step 1, 2 and 3. Afterwards, peel the cover as shown in step 4. Continue the cutting as shown in step 5, 6 and 7. Now roll the cut layer to make a tomato rose flower.


You can arrange the tomatoes as shown in the picture given below.



Carving Techniques for Salad Decorations- No. 02

It is another method- put cuts in the tomato with a knife and follow the steps from 1 to 4 to make a beautiful carving.


Carving Techniques for Salad Decorations – No. 03

Take radish and cut it with a knife in the middle. Now take out small pieces from it as shown in step 3 and 4. Make a cross shaped cut and follow the criss cross pattern to give a flower look.


Carving Techniques for Salad Decorations- No. 04

It is so simple and easy. Yo need to cut thin slices of radish only and then arrange them as shown in the picture given below.


Carving Techniques for Salad Decorations- No. 05

Peel the radish as in step 1. Now use a peeler for peeling and then cut it with scissor as step 3 and 4.



Carving Techniques for Salad Decorations- No. 06

Carrots can also be cut in the way as shown below.





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