how to make omber nail designs

How to do the Ombré Nails Art

Ombre is a French word which means “Shaded”, “Shadow” or “Shade”. Omber nails has a graduated fading color technique. In style it refers to much beautiful that starts with one color and then gradually morphs into other color. Omber can also be known as “gradient nails” or “faded nails”.

Ombré nails are prompt becoming a very famous trend being featured on nails all through fashion week and on covers of magazines too. It’s an easy method, but this process needs patience. Slow and steady wins the race!

Before you start, put everything a side you need so that you can reach it easily. It’s also a great idea to create a quick trip to the bathroom. There’s nothing inferior to making a tremendous mani and then ruining it because you didn’t plan ahead!

What you’ll need:

Two color polishes and a topcoat. You can select colors that praise or go bold and pick two that clash. Try out with new and different combinations and see what works.
A sponge, a plastic sheet and toothpicks. Take a big washroom sponge and just cut into sections off when you want them. The pieces don’t have to be rightly cut; if one side is flat then it will work. You can use any type of sponge such as makeup sponge, washing up sponge or any other type of sponge you can easily find.
If you don’t find any type of sponge plastic wallets in the house, search in the kitchen cupboards for some foil or baking paper.

Step by step instructions

Step 1:

Take two light shade of nail color, apply it on your nails and leave it do dry.

Step 2: On a flat surface, apply a liberal amount of the colors right next to each other on to the plastic. Make sure they’re just about touching at the edges.

Step 3:

With the help of toothpick, spin the two colors together in wherever they meet. The area where the two colors blend will consider the length of the graduation. For long graduation blend a large section of colors and for less mix a little bit.

Step 4:

Take a sponge and pat it directly down on to the nail polish a little times.

Step 5:

Apply the sponge directly down on your nails. Keep applying evenly and moving it a little up and down your nail.
(You can do this procedure as many times as you need to. Just make sure each coat is completely dry before sponging again if not then you will start smudging the bottom layers and spoil the whole thing.)

Step 6:

Add a two or three topcoats because sponging makes this mani very rough so you may need a couple of topcoats just to smooth out the surface.

Step 7:

with the help of nail polish remover clean all the excess. You can use cotton bird or a brush all you have to do is to dip in a remover or a acetone and apply.
All finished!

Try with different colors and shades for more exciting result. See another tutorial example here.


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