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How To Get Bright Complexion

We all want a healthy, bright complexion and we use everything that a girl with bright complexion say that works, but the truth is things act differently from skin to skin and individual to individual, but there are some home remedies that will work the best to all kind of skin and persona, but these are not some kind of magic, it will remove the layer of dirt and tan and will bring out the best of you, but you got to be really regular and you got to be really very careful and patient, so here are some simple tips that will definitely work for you.

First thing that you need to do is eat good, you are what you eat, and that is absolutely right and if you think that you will eat rubbish and you will solve the look issue with creams and products then you are fooling yourself, eat good and drink lots of water and take good peaceful 8 hour sleep.

Here are some simple home remedies for you now and you can try these to get bright and radiant skin complexion:

Make a past with gram flour, Zafran and fresh milk and apply that over your face every day and then let it get dry and then scrub it off, if you don’t need to go out in sunshine then you don’t need to wash it for next one or two hours.

 How To Get Bright Complexion

Tomato pulp is magical potion for skin and fair complexion and you can use it three times a day and then wash it off with cold water, it will help with aging and black and white heads too.

Past of rosewater and sandalwood is great for skin and you can use it every day, but never ever rub it over your face, just apply with soft hands and then wash with running water if you mix some fresh rose petal or Zafran in it then it will work even better.

 Complexion Enhancing Tips

If you keep drinking Zafran milk everyday then it will make your beautiful from inside out too.

Last but not least eat salmon for bright and beautiful skin and hair and drink carrot juice for smooth skin and shiny eyes.




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