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How to Get Super Pouty Lips

There is no hard science required to make your lips super shinny when you know all the right tools that will add splash in your beauty. It is very important to give proper treatment to your lips at right time if you want to make it glittery glossy and desirable.Achieving pouty lips are not so difficult if you know what you need to do and give yourself proper time by sticking up to your treatment routine. With help of little care you can get smooth supper shinny pouty lips in no time that will going to give you smart seductive look.

How to Get Super Pouty Lips

If your lips are dry, cracked or bleeds in the morning then apply tonner on your lips with help of a cotton pad. It is better to apply some milky moisturizer enriched with vitamin A that will heal your wound very soon. Softly brush your lips with some olive oil or jojoba oil and better to do it very gently. It will also help to make your lips smooth and pouty by removing all the dead cells off from it. Repeat this remedy every morning whenever you wake up that will leave a permanent smooth effect.

Before wearing any kind of makeup, it is very important to moisturize your lips with some jelly like lip balm at least half an hour before you do your lips so that your lips will look nice, clean, healthy and moist. Kiss on your hand to remove any excessive moisturizer or you may remove all the lip balm off. Now apply a lip primer to your lips or even simple foundation could also give to same result. It helps your lipstick to stay stick on your lips for long time and act as a base for your lip color. Many people think that it will make your lips drier and is useless but if you moisturize your lips for long time and then apply this step, you will get an unbelievable step.

It is very essential to use lipstick or lip gloss that is enriched in vitamin A and keep your lips moist that will give an extra pouty look to your lips. If you are going to apply lipstick then is sure to use right lip pencil that is going to give you super clean lips. Be artistic while lining your top lips and use very few little feathering stokes to outline your lips. There is no urgency need to go outside your lip line in order to get super lips. It would be better to emphasizes on draw some curved line lips instead of old ‘V’.

Don’t forget to line all the corners and fill up the entire lips even when if you are not using any sort of primer or base. Now apply lipstick with help of brush or you may use tube for this step, all is up to your comfortable level. If you want to exaggerate your natural lip line to makes it look smaller then try to apply lipstick with help of brush. To give a super nude look to your lips, use more dark lipstick than lips gloss. To get better look use of matte lipstick would work great. While doing lip gloss over your lips, avoid applying it all over your lips. Instead of it, try to apply it on the center of the both lips and squeeze both lips together a few times. Introduce yourself with shiny luscious lips that are going to give to simple super sexy look and will add spark in eyes of the viewers who would never stop themselves to say wow!

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