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How To Make a Twist Heart Bun

 How To Make a Twist Heart Bun

Following are the tips on How To Make a Twist Heart Bun. 

How To Make a heart Twist


What all you will be needing for making twist heart bun. You will be needing all the common things.

The first thing you will need is bobby pins. You will be needing two of these.

The second thing which you will need is small black ponytail elastics.  Make sure they are black because then they wont be permanent on your hair. Any other color will show.

And the last thing you will be needing is the comb.


Following are the steps on How To Make a Twist Heart Bun. 

We suggest you add little waves to your  hair. As this harirstyle looks best with wavy hair. But you can opt for straight hair too.


The second step is that you put your hair half up, separating them into 2 small ponytails right next to each other.

The next step is making the heart. For that the first thing that you  have to do is twist right ponytail in a downward motion and slide a bobby pin into the base near the ponytail holder. This will keep it anchored as you twist.

Then in the next step, wrap the ponytail up and over as you can see in photo 4 to create the top of the heart. Keep twirling in the same direction.

Add bobby pins to these places.

Repeat on the other side

The final step is add one more bobby pin at bottom of the heart for extra security.

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