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How to make a wire-wrapped flower shaped bead

Tutorial – How to make a wire-wrapped flower shaped bead

How to make a flower-shaped bead from crystal glass, oval beads…

Here we learn how to wrap wire around beads in order to create a shape that can be used as a pendant, earring drop or whatever takes your fancy! This principal will work with almost any beads but in this case, we are using oval-shaped crystal beads to make a flower pattern.

1. Cut an 11″ length of silver plated wire and thread on a crystal oval. Wrap the short end of the wire back over the outside of the bead and turn the wire round the long end a couple of time to secure. Trim the short end so it’s flush against the surface.

2. Thread on a crystal and turn the long end of the wire back over the outside of the bead (leave a gap between the two beads of 5-6mm). Wrap the wire round a few times to secure, finishing halfway between two beads.

3. Thread on a crystal and repeat Step 2, so that the third ‘petal’ is between the first and second petals.

4. Repeat step 2 to create the two remaining petals.

5. Bring your wire to the front of the flower. You can twist the beads so that exposed wires are at the back of the flower.

6. Thread on a small, flatish and contrasting bead of your choice together with a seed bead, so that they are sitting in the gap between the petals. Take the wire back through the contrasting bead ONLY, and pull all the wire through to the back of the piece. Wrap the wire in and out of the petal stalks a few times to secure, then trim the spare wire flush.

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