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How to Make Bracelet with Macramé Knot

Fashionable and patriotic, this macramé bracelet only uses one knot.
You Need:
–3 Yards Red Satin Cord
–3 Yards White Satin Cord
–Blue Pony Beads
–Masking Tape
Preparing your cord:

Fold both pieces of satin cord 18″ from the end. Gather the folded strands together. You now have two 18″ strands and two 7½’ strands. Tie all together into a knot 1/2″ from the fold. Secure by taping to table top at fold. You could also use a clipboard. Pull both 18″ strands taut and tape down ends. These will become strands 2 & 3 in the diagrams below.
Making the knots:
Cross strand 1 over strands 2 & 3 and under strand 4.

Bring strand 4 under strands 2 & 3, and then up through the loop created by strand 1. Tighten.

Cross strand 1 over strands 2 & 3 and under strand 4.

Bring strand 4 under strands 2 & 3, and then up through the loop created by strand 1. Tighten.

Adding Beads: 

Beads can be added at any point on the bracelet. You can string them on one, two or all four strands. On the bracelet shown above, beads where strung only on strands 2 & 3.
When you reach the desired length, make a knot to match the other end. Remove tape. Trim ends, leaving enough to tie on wrist after pulling half the strands through the loop.

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