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How to Make Up your Teenage!

Makeup is a fun loving and creative activity. The craze to experiment new things especially in makeover is the best hobby of teenage girls. At this stage, the world of fashionstyle and makeover all of a sudden looks interesting.

How to Make Up your Teenage!

To look beautiful, delicate and charming is the desire of every woman. Specially when girls entered in the teen age. At this age, the world of fashion, style and makeup suddenly looks interesting and essential. The craze to experiment new and different fashion and beauty styles and tips are on hype.

However, as this age is very delicate and sensitive, it is not advisable to apply extra makeup and over loadedfashion accessories on you. Teenage makeup and style should be delicate, soft and subtle. A nice combination of soft colors and sweet touch up makes teenage makeup very attractive and charming.

As a teenager you should know that you have a very soft and sensitive skin that not bears extra makeup and chemicals. You must act wisely to preserve this limited gift of nature.

First of all, make sure that you don’t apply local or harsh products on skin. Also, never ever be a copy cat of makeup applied by other girls around you because everybody has different skin tone and texture and as a teenager you have to have your own unique style and identity. Do not over do makeup. As by doing this, you look mature than you are. It will also toll over your innocence which is the best plus point of your beauty.

Beside these basic instructions to maintain your innocence and teenage beauty, here are some more advisablep tips for you to look gorgeous and delicate and enjoy your teenage beauty at longer time period.

Makeup tips for Teenagers:

  • Experiment the soft colors: Try using soft touch makeup colors like pink, peach, light blue, aqua, light green etc for a delicate feminine look.
  • Use basic makeup things: Avoid heavy makeup. Use light and soft color lip gloss instead of lipstick, kajal, mascaraand a dash of light blush on is the perfect makeup for teenage girls.
  • Hair style: Try different kind of hair styles. As changes in hair can help in a complete makeover. High pony tail and rough bun are good hair styles for teenage girls.
  • Avoid dark colors: Avoid colors like queen, brown, grey and slate, both in makeup and in dressing. Also avoid glossy makeup anywhere else on your face.
  • Try fun loving products: Teenagers can have a lot of variety in makeup. There are a huge number of makeup productsin the market that promote all around fun like Ettude’s neon color eye shadow, body glitter, body shop’s special tri-colored lip gloss, sparkling nail polishes of different brands and many more type of teen makeup kits that makes it fun and easy for a teen to apply and enjoy her makeup and impress others.
  • Maintain your innocence: Innocence on your face is your real beauty. So avoid any kind of makeup that over shadows your natural charm and innocence. You can also take guidance and advice from your mother and grandmothers to preserve your innocent beauty.
  • Makeup for evenings: As a teen, you love to attend friend’s get together and parties. When you go for an evening party, use stand out shades for makeup. Use light shades of makeup to look innocent as well as elegant. By using dark and heavy shades you might look like an aunty. A perfect evening makeup is using glitter for the face and body. Use lip gloss that has a sparkling glitters or shimmers or even an eye shadow with a nice glam of glitter. All these are a perfect stand out night glow.

Make up is a fun loving activity. It not only enhances the beauty of your beauty but also promoting your self esteem and confidence. The main points before applying any makeup is that do it in a right order and in accordance to your skin tone and age.

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