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Latest color trend in bridal wear

The Wedding dress is the most important aspect in wedding. Nowadays brides don’t like to wear traditional colors and they want to experiment new colors e.g. Old traditional colors like yellow for Mehndi, red for Barat and golden for reception .Now brides like to be creative with colors which not only look good for them but also appears to be stylish.


But in this new color trends red hasn’t lost its charm, its still in fashion and without this traditional color bridal dress looses its charm but the color of the wedding dress is purely a brides choice.

But choosing a bridal dress color is not an easy task people who are traditionalist will be there to criticize you and also with so many color choices present you’ll find it difficult to choose.

Some tips before choosing a color should be considered i-e.

1. Choose colors that look good to you and is also one of your favorites, but make sure that that color suits your skin tone before making a choice.


2. Avoid colors that people think are unlucky and superstitious for example black most people don’t like this color for a wedding as this color is associated with grieving. It should not be worn if you don’t want to look mournful and also for pleasing people.

3. Color should be chosen according to season as for winter season wedding dark shades look charming and for summer light shades look stylish.

Now some of the latest color during this season are



It’s never out of fashion and looks good on almost every bride. Deep red can be used alone or in combination with other colors like gold, green, purple etc. And it can be very eye catching.


Pastel shades like lavender, baby blue and green are also very in colors.


Peach pink is a very trendy color for this season and gives a softer look to the bride. Nowadays light shades of peach pink with gray looks very good for a reception ceremony.


Bright yellow and turquoise, green and yellow, green and lavender, brown and pink are some of the combines color pairs that look really well with each other and also in trend this season.

So it should be a completely bride’s choice to choose colors that represent her personality and it should be chosen with care.


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