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Line Perimeter With Barrier Pencil

Barrier pencils are not only a fashion beauty product but a necessity when applying your lipstick. I have many different lipstick colours that simply need a barrier or the edges will smudge, and it was then when I came across with this easy tutorial that has changed my views on makeup and the way I apply it. Now I not only apply all different lipstick colours without a problem but also make it look sophisticated and gorgeous.

I believe it is best if you can afford buying different lip pencil barrier matched with all of your lipsticks but as that costs a lot, a white lip barrier will do just fine. The only lipstick colours I have matched together is the red, and that is because I love red lipsticks but without a lip pencil it is impossible to create a beautiful line. All you need is a white lip pencil and a lipstick of your chosen colour.

Carefully line your lips with the barrier pencil and then apply the lipstick. You will that the barrier pencil holds the lipstick in its place. Now you can apply all of your lipsticks like a pro. I love tutorials because it makes makeup too easy to apply. This is an awesome beauty trick that all women should know. Simply follow the picture tutorial below and in only two steps you will create an awesome looking lipstick.

Line Perimeter With Barrier Pencil


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