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Make Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Candle

Here is an easy to make, pretty Halloween Jack-o-Lantern candle holder that can brighten up your home this Halloween. This is a very easy craft to make from an old teacup. Instructions are below.





Materials required:

An old tea cup ( ask mom for one that is not part of a set)

Acrylic paint- orange , black


Black permanent marker

A floating candle

Step 1

Paint the cup with orange acrylic paint. let it dry and paint another coat. also paint the inside of the top edges and the handle as shown.

step 1

step 1


step 1.1

step 1.1


Step 2

Draw pumpkin faces on two sides of the cup as shown with a permanent marker

step 2

ste 2


Step 3

Paint them in with black acrylic paint. Also draw some stripes along the sides of the cup as shown.


Step 4

Your candle holder  is made

Add some water and put a floating candle to light up your house.


step 4

step 4


Step 5:

Finished Jack-O-Lantern Candle Holder


step 5

step 5





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