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Make Up Tips for Making Your Skin Beautiful

Make Up Tips for Making Your Skin Beautiful

No one wants a dull skin now. Every girl wants to look beautiful and young. Unfortunately if you are having a pale skin then it is only make up that can help to transform into a beautiful one. If you are applying right make up on to your face your pale looking face starts radiating and it gives you a “sexy” look. I just adore the soft blush of porcelain skin.


It cannot be denied that your first make up tip for fairer skin is to apply a foundation. It’s a fact. Always go for foundation consisting of neutral colors because it gives less undertone shades to your skin. You can also take the help of make-up tutorials for applying in the best way.

Eye shadow

This is a great opportunity for you if you are having a fairer skin. Go for brighter shades instead of lighter ones if you want to appear sexy and stunning. Usually eye shadows in blue and green shades look dazzling on light eyes while purples and grey color look best on darker eyes.

Eye liner

I can only suggest that you all must opt for darker shades in eye liner especially the black liner. This really makes your eyes appear bigger and bolder.


Applying mascara on to your eyes is a great idea. Well if you go for black color I believe it is gonna look beautiful. This make tip is really the best for fairer skin to make your eyes appears unique and stand out.


It is a must have make up tip advice for fairer skin. Blush is really very important because it adds color to your skin tone. Don’t apply it heavily. Just give your cheeks a slight touch of softness and richness.


If you are having a fairer skin then applying bronzer to your cheek bones, corners of your forehead and chin nose is a great idea. It will add glow to your skin.

Lip color

If your face complexion is fair then you must go for lip color whose tints are dark hued. Make sure that you are not using neutral color to your lips. I just love the bright and radiant looking red. Your lips look sexy.

Nail color

It’s same with the nail paint. If your skin is fairer go for darker shades so that it blends with your skin and gives you stunning feeling than before. Nail colors in bolder and brighter shades pops you out in the crowd.

I believe you must be enjoying by reading some of these interesting make up tips. These are some of mine tips which I think it works successfully. If you know any you are most welcome to share some of your tips with us.

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