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New Make Up New Look

Beauty tips for a new look by getting rid of your old make-up pouch with old make-up.

The best beauty tip for the ladies who have been using the one make-up kit for so long is to experience a change. Beauty is not just about going through all the usual routine of your daily make up look. Beauty tipfor this season is to let go of your old mascarablack eye linerblush and gloss. Bring a change to your beauty kit, the permanent pouch you keep in your bag from day one. The best thing to do is to make a newbeauty make-up regime. Majority of us have an oily or combination skin and getting a foundation that suits us, especially in this humid weather is a mission. One of the beauty tips is to get the mineral foundation that will help to make the skin look so fresh. It will be much better than those creamy water or oil based foundations.

 New Make Up New Look

For Asian and eastern women it is a bad idea to use excess of he bronzers on their cheek, they end up looking orange.Beauty tips need to be kept in mind and they should be used considering your own skin type. Beauty is not just about make-up usage it’s about enhancing your natural beauty. Enhancing the natural beauty is only possible by using theperfect make-up.

Another beauty tip for the girls who use that black cake eye liner is to start using the brown liner to give their eyes a soft look. The brown eye liner gives an instant fresher, less made up look. Beauty tips are like the dangerous medicines that if used without prescription can have adverse effects. What I mean is if beauty tips are used without considering if they will suit you or not, they can be disastrous. Beauty is strongly based on beauty tips. And the recent beauty tip for all of the ladies is to get rid of their usual make-up pouch and start using some new innovative make-up.

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