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Fashion designing can be described as an art in the application of beauty, aesthetics and designing to your clothes and accessories. Fashion designing has varied over time and place and is influenced by the cultural and social latitudes. Fashion designers work in a number of ways to design clothes and other accessories. There may be a team of fashion designers or a single man show. Their main attempt is to satisfy the consumer for their desire of aesthetically designed clothing.

Fashion designers usually mark their labels under which their garments or designs are marketed. Freelance designers work for themselves and sell out their designs for different fashion house, clothing shops or manufacturers. Fashion designers work in different ways like some sketch their ideas on a piece of paper while others arrange fabrics on a dress form.
Fashion designing in Pakistan has been very popular over two to three decades. There is a lot of work on fashion designing these days in the country. Many institutions have been established to provide different courses of fashion designing to teach the younger generation about fashion designing. Fashion deigning is a way of establishing a fashion statement of the country. Top fashion designers of Pakistan include Deepak paranoia, HSY, Maria. B, Hina Khan, Asifa and Nabeel. They all are working in the field of fashion designing in Pakistan and are catching worldwide attraction of the people towards their designs. Introduction of some of them is given below:
HSY (Hassan Shehryar Yasin)
HSY is a very popular Pakistani fashion designer and is working as a Fashion Designer as well as a Choreographer in Pakistan as well as other countries like New York, Dubai, Toronto and London. He is working with a renowned label of HSY, which was introduced in 2000. HSY is gathering fame in South Asian fashion labels around the globe by designing bridal wears and formal wears.


Faiza Sami is a very senior and leading fashion designer of Pakistan, who started her career about three decades ago. Her way of designing clothes made her way to earn respect in the industry by portraying Pakistani culture and tradition. She was privileged to design Bridal wear of the Late Benazir Bhutto.

Maria. B is also one the very renowned fashion designers of Pakistan displaying her vision and goals by producing high quality garments in line with international standards under the supervision of highly trained fashion management.


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