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Steps for how to apply nail polish

Before you start applying the nail polish to your nails make sure that you remove the old polish first from your nails. Then you should clean your hands thoroughly. After cleaning you should apply some cream on your hands but take care that do not apply it on your nails when you are planning to apply the nail polish.

Steps for how to apply nail polish:

1.Remove the old nail polish, if there is any.

2.Then clean your hands thoroughly.

3.Apply some cream on your hands but not on your nails.

4.Make sure that you apply a single coat of Top and Base Coat first.

5.Then you should stroke the nail polish through the center of the nail from base to tip.

6.Then stroke the polish around the base of your nails without touching the skin and down one side of the nail.

7.Then you should stroke the polish down the other side of nail.

8.You should wipe across the tip of polished nail with thumb or a tissue. Doing so helps you prevent chipping of nail enamel.

9.You should apply second coat of nail polish only when first coat of enamel is dry.

Then apply the enamel quickly with long light strokes.

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