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Top12 Steps to a Festive Eid Makeup

Festive makeup is a little more glamorous and bright than everyday makeup and even night makeup. However there are still rules that apply here; rules which you have to consider in order to avoid tackiness or distastefulness.

All colors should be well harmonized or else you will look eccentric at best.


Step 1

In order to feel good about your makeup and the holiday you are preparing for, do a thorough cleansing of your face. If you have sufficient time, do a steam-bath and scrub your face with exfoliating lotion or gel. Since these procedures can cause the skin to redden, there should be an hour of rest between them and the application of makeup. This hour of rest will allow the skin to calm down and go back to its natural complexion.

Step 2

Apply moisturizing lotion after the scrub in order to help the skin calm down. Rub the lotion in, massaging your face with circular motions. Begin at the center of your face and move outward. Conclude with patting your face with your fingertips.

Step 3

Now is the time to take care of your lips. Massage them with a nourishing balm by pressing them against each other. Begin by pressing lightly one corner of your mouth, move through the middle and press the other corner. Repeat this several times. If your lips feel dry by the end of this procedure, apply some nourishing lotion.

Step 4

The following step is the application of foundation. Spread an even layer of foundation beginning at the center of your face and working outward. If there are small skin defects you wish to hide you can add a second layer, but remember that in this case the first layer must be very thin. Blend the edges of foundation with the roots of your hair and the lower end of your neck.

Step 5

If there are still pimples or blemishes visible on your skin, cover them up with some concealer. Be careful not to use too much, because this way you will make imperfections more noticeable.

Step 6

Powder your whole face using a powder brush or puff.

Step 7

It is the eyes’ turn now. Begin with the eyebrows. Comb them with an eyebrow brush and define them with pencil eyeliner. You can add a few small corrections to their shape. It is a good idea to combine two colors of pencil – brown and grey for example. You can curl your lashes if you want to give them a better shape.

Step 8

Spread some light colored eye shadow on the inner half of the eyelid. Gently blend it all the way to the eyebrow. Add darker shadow to the outer corner. This shade should be in a more visible tone, but should harmonize with the lighter shade on the inner corner. It is best to use shades in the same tone but different nuances. Blend in the middle and spread the darker nuance toward the eyebrow.

Step 9

Draw a thin frame around your eye with pencil or liquid eyeliner. Its length and intensity should vary according to the shape and color of your eyes.

Step 10

Apply blush to cheekbones, making sure both sides are even. The color and intensity of your blush should be determined by your complexion and the tone of the rest of your makeup. Be generous with the blush brush if your eyes are heavily decorated. The end result should be harmonious.

Step 11

Outline the contour of your lips with pencil lip liner, correcting their shape if necessary. Spread an even layer of lipstick using a thin brush. Press your lips on a tissue to remove excesses and apply a second layer.

Step 12

Apply a layer of lip gloss or shine.

Where is the sparkle, you may ask. Whether it is silver or golden face powder, glittery eye shadows, shiny lip gloss, light-reflecting mascara or just plain glitter over your cheekbones and sides sparkle is the one element mandatory for a festive makeup, but you have to find its place for yourself. And remember, no matter how festive you feel, you have to keep your makeup to the point where you will still be recognizable. That is, unless you are going to a masquerade

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