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Vasim Asghar Eid Dresses 2013 For Ladies

Vasim Asghar  is a famous Pakistani fashion designer, who has emerged on the screen of fashion in year 2012. Vasim Asghar has launched such a lot of assortment and gained perpetually an honest response. Vasim works on variety that includes casual wear, formal wear, semi formal wear & party wear but he is well known for his western wear dresses for women.NowVasim Asghar has launched so many collection and gained always a good response.Now he has unveiled Eid Festive Outfits 2013 for women. All dresses are adorned with thread embroidery & stone works. This stunning eid  collection 2013 for women by Vasim Asghar has consists of frocks with pajama and trousers etc in a pure white color. You can wear these dresses on parties, wedding functions & many other occasions.Some Pictures of this colletcion can be shown as:


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